Power of Place: NEH 2018 Summer Institute

Power og Place: Land and Peoples in Appalachia

Class Projects and Course Credit

Several afternoons each week teachers will have the opportunity to work on individual projects applying the content and/or approach of the institute to their classrooms and fields of study. Our master teacher and curriculum specialist along with core faculty will meet individually with scholars to discuss and assist in project development.  We will pay careful attention to help connect the lessons scholars develop to learning benchmarks they must address in their individual classrooms, whatever the age or subject.

“I have already created lesson plans that I plan to use in my own classroom and will continue to carry the theme differentiating between ‘from a place’ or ‘of a place,’ and honoring diversity in the classroom.”

Upon completion of The Power of Place: Land and Culture in Appalachia, teachers will receive letters confirming the contact hours of the workshop and its activities. Participants will have 80 contact hours for the two week institute. For interested participants, UNCA’s office of Graduate and Continuing Education will award CEUs for a minimal fee.